Squiggle 4.2

The perfect debugging assistant!
Add some colour to your tedious debugging tasks by making graphs of your variables!

Customer Reviews:
“master piece of visual tracking”
“very easy and powerful”
“One of the most useful tools in the asset store”
“Professional and timely response from the developer to my questions.”
“stays out of your way when you don’t need it.”


– Version 4.2 –
Fixes for Unity 2018.3
Removed Type Restriction from Y Coord of Graphs
Added Root Directory Setting

– Version 4.1 –
Added Reset Bounds Button
Fixed Bug in Component Monitor
Fixed Bug causing Slow Down

– Version 4.0 –
Added support for graphing Vector4, Quaternion and Rect
Added support for graphing byte, short and double arrays.
Added support for DebugGraph.Draw(…) to display multiple Y values at the same X value
Added Toggle for disabling use of the EditorDefaultResources folder
Various Fixes and Improvements

– Version 3.6 –
Anonymous Graphs are now named using Stack Trace
Improved Integer graphing style
Improved Boolean graphing style
Added support for graphing Enums
Added support for graphing int and uint arrays
Toggle for automatic Graphing of Console Messages

– Version 3.5.2 –
Fixed a persistence issue with the record toggle

– Version 3.5.1 –
Added Floating Point Format setting

– Version 3.5 –
Implemented Support for Value names in Multi-Graphs
Added Graph and Value Names to Exported data

– Version 3.4 –
Min/Max values can now be locked
Graphs can be now be exported using DebugGraph.Save(…);
Console state now persists when the game is run

– Version 3.3 –
Moved Data Persistence Toggle to Record button
Added Preview Length setting
Moved Settings to Preferences window
Fixed Graph Cursor drawing bug

– Version 3.2 –
Data Persistence Toggle (When disabled, old data will be forgotten to prevent slowdowns over long periods of time)
Options for exporting graph data to file
Option to display Timestamps on graphs
Option to Pan/Zoom all graphs by holding Shift
Unity 5.4 Compatibility

– Version 3.1 –
Unity 5.2 Compatibility
In-Scene Graph Rendering using DebugGraphRenderer (Unity 5+ Only)